Honest Conversations Toolkit

Honest Conversations Toolkit


Ever been in a situation when you feel like you are not being heard by another person? Perhaps you felt annoyed or frustrated by somebody, or have sensed that they feel that way about you? Have you observed an uncomfortable interaction between two people that leaves a feeling of tension or negativity in the room?


This toolkit outlines the underlying purpose of feedback, how it’s different from criticism plus includes a series of strategies and frameworks in which to deliver and receive feedback. This toolkit will help you frame-up your feedback conversations, distancing the emotional and sensitive elements, allowing you to focus on how you can work better with your peers.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand when to have honest conversations and how to identify them
  • Understand why they are so important and the three key outcomes to expect
  • Know how to use our four-step tool to help have the conversation
  • Remember helpful tips to practise the steps