Feedback Toolkit

Feedback Toolkit


Feedback is a scary word if you don’t use it properly, but the truth is nothing fast tracks improvement quite like it. Unfortunately, many of us cringe at the word – whether giving feedback or receiving it. Sometimes it’s too personal, other times frustratingly vague or unnecessary.


This toolkit outlines the underlying purpose of feedback, how it’s different from criticism plus includes a series of strategies and frameworks in which to deliver and receive feedback. This toolkit will help you frame-up your feedback conversations, distancing the emotional and sensitive elements, allowing you to focus on how you can work better with your peers.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn about the importance of feedback
  • Understand the feedback gap
  • Learn about the three key aspects of feedback
  • Identify the difference between feedback, criticism, etc.
  • Learn the three golden rules of feedback, and various models for giving & receiving feedback